• Jurassic Ridge IL SEGRETO 2012 MAGNUM 1.5L
  • NZ$150.00

  • This very special rare wine, released in October 2016 after 4 1/2 years of cellar ageing, is the only wine made by Jurassic Ridge that has a 'hint of corruption'! By that we mean it is not our usual 100% pure single varietal, but a blend with just a few percent of another grape included. These grape varieties will forever remain a secret (segreto) unless when you taste one you might be able to guess the blend and receive a surprise reward if you are correct. Only one submission per person!

    The voluptuous silky tannins and amazing, unusual, delicious, tantalising fruitiness on the palate, plus the long lingering tannin finish, will surprise and delight. 

    Production is extremely limited each year, so if you are lucky you will have something truly unique to try for Christmas or that very special party.