• Jurassic Ridge

    Pinot Grigio 2016
  • NZ$39.00

  • Lees-Aged Pinot Gris
    8 months 'sur lie'
  • An Italian-style, dry (sugar-free) and refreshing Pinot Grigio  - with a twist! This wine had 8 months 'sur lie' - ie sitting on the fine sediments whilst I kept it cloudy by stirring it every now and again to build the minerality, creamy mouthfeel and longevity on your palate and in the bottle. The result is an austere, minerally, but also classically fruity, smoothly-textured pinot gris without sugar. Long lingering complexity with apple and spice.

    Match with crunchy calamari, grilled snapper or eggplant parmigano.